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It's a half day sight scenes package in which cover all the nearby sight scenes of Manali such as :-

Hadimba Temple

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The Hadimba Temple or Dhoongri temple. in Himachal Pradesh is one of the ancient Temples in the state. Situated in Dhoongri, a small village in Manali district, the Hadimba Temple is associated with the legend of the Mahabharata. The story of the Mahabharata says that Bhim killed Hadimba's brother Hadimb, a demon and married Hadimba in due course. After Hadimba's marriage to Bhim, she undertook a penance and gave birth to a son known as Ghatochkach. In the later years her son emerged to be a brave fighter. From then onwards, Hadimba is worshiped as Devi Hadimba, a goddess.

Manu Temple

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Manu Temple has remained as one of the primary Manali tourist attractions, since times immemorial. It is believed to be the place where sage Manu meditated after stepping on earth. Manali has a distinct historical background that is appealing to most people who visit the pilgrim spot. According to Hindu mythology, Manu sage is the divine creator of the human race in the world. It was in this region that the sage dwelt and meditated. Whenever you visit Manali, make sure to see the temple too.

Tibetan Monastery

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The Gadhan the choking Gompa OR Tibetan Monstary is situated near the Mall in Manali. The monastery is run by the local people who gather funds through donations. The unique feature of the monastery is the handicrafts of Tibetan artistry and the carpets that are woven and sold in the monastery. The Gadhan the choking Gompa in Manali was constructed in the year 1969. The architecture of the monastery represents the Tibetan style of architecture designed with hued frescoes. The statue of the Lord Buddha presides in the monastery.

Van Vihar

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Van Vihar Situated in the middle of Manali, in front of the Tibet market on Mall road, Van Vihar is a famous place to hang out where tourists can enjoy boating in the small pond. The place is a bit messy but the tall deodar tress makes the whole place very pretty.


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Vashist is nice place, much better then New or Old Manali. Although it gets really busy during the day by mainly Indian tourists, who are visiting the Rama temple and hot springs. The water is really hot and I must say in those temperatures now (June) is not even tempting to have a swim. But it is perfect for the washing clothes. The village itself is combination of the tourist shops, guest houses, restaurants and ordinary life of local people. You can still find here some traditional wooden houses with stone roofs, but many new ones are being build and they are very much changing the village style.
It's a full day journey sight scenes in which we cover snow point, solang valley adventure point and many more mid points such as :-


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A picturesque town located at a distance of 16 km from Manali, enroute to Rohtang pass, is Kothi Gorge. The place is known for offering magnificent views of the deep gorge serving as the mouth of Beas River. The village is located at an altitude of 2500 m above sea level and tourists need to indulge in a steep 1 hour trek from the road in order to reach the gorge. It will take around 2 to 3 hours to explore the region. Thermal springs oozing out of the rocks make a pretty picture and tourists can enjoy a picnic at this spot as well.


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Marhi is a "shanty town of roadside restaurants" in Himachal Pradesh, India, located midway between Manali and Rohtang La on the Manali-Leh Highway. Buses traveling the highway often stop in Marhi so passengers can eat.The settlement is seasonal, with most businesses closing for the winter.


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GULABA is around 20 kilometers from Manali towards Rohtang Pass and in winter this place becomes completely inaccessible. This place shows the most picturesque views of snow covered zig-zag roads towards Rohtang Pass. During the end of February or early March, the Manali-Rohtang road opens till Gulaba. The mountains all covered with a natural blanket of snow are worth to visit the place.
History says, this place is named after Raja Gulab Singh, ruler of Jammu and Kashmir who camped here on his way to invade China.

Rohtang Pass

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A lofty mountain pathway that connects Kullu with Spiti and Lahaul. This pass is a popular picnic spot in summer. All tourists going to Manali long to visit this imposing site since one can sense and tap the snow even in the hottest season of the year. At a height of 4111 meter, Rohtang Pass, which is 51 km away from Manali, presents a striking sight of glaciers, mountains and the landscape. A gateway to the adjoining tourist destinations, this scenic spot provides excellent opportunities for trekking. Depending upon the snowfall in the upper regions, Rohtang Pass opens at any time during the month of May for travel and a seal in September. The tedious journey is often dangerous owing to the high velocity wind and the unpredictable snowfall. Adventure sports such as skiing, mountain biking and paragliding can be enjoyed at this place.

Solang Valley

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Solang valley, also known as Snow Point is famous for its 300 m ski lift. The valley is reachable by taxi or trekking is another option.The place is also well known for adventurous sports whether summer sports or winter sports. Parachuting, skating/skiing, zorbing and paragliding are some of the famous sports played here. Few ski agencies also offer different courses as well as equipment to enjoy but these agencies are active only in winter seasons since snow melts in summer season.To enjoy to the maximum, it is best to visit Solang Valley during the months of January and February, when this spot becomes busy with activities. This fabulous place is also the center of the annual winter skiing festival.
It's a full day journey sight scenes in which you will discover some of mythological places and many more attractive places such as :-


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Raison is a small cluster of villages on the banks of Bias river abour 12 km north of Kullu. It is famous for camping sites and starting point for white water rafting on Bias river. Recently a mineral water unit by "Catch" has been set up here. It is said that the mineral water is pure spring water and bottled after sterilization. This place is also famous for rural centre of Rajendra Prasad National Ophthalmology Centre (AIIMS) where summer camps for various ophthalmological diseases are held every year.


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Katrain is the widest point in the entire Kullu Valley. It has Baragarh Peak on its one side, which is situated at an altitude of 3325 m above sea level. Katrain is also famous for its orchards, bee-keeping and trout fishing.


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This fabulous valley has its mention in epics like Ramayana, Mahabarata and Vishnu Purana. Kullu was not an easily accessible place till independence, which helped to preserve its unspoiled charm and centuries old tradition. A cluster of beautiful valleys, Kullu presents an enjoyable tourist spot where one can feel the rejuvenating warmth of Mother Nature. Besides these blessed beauty spots, Kullu valley is also famed for its finely carved temples, brilliant artistries ,cultural festivals and shawl factory. In a nutshell, Kullu Valley offers a variety of amazing attractions which gather large crowds year after year.When Dussehra celebrations comes to an end in the rest of country, it begins at Kullu. Over 300 local deities come to pay homage to Lord Ragunath. This is a time when the valley is at its colorful best.


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A pilgrim destination famous for its medicinal hot water springs, holy gurudwara, temples and web of historical and mythological legends. Tourist can take bath in the private hot spring pools and pay homage to the holiest pith in the country,It is 38 km from Manali. It is a town that is located in the Kullu district of the state of Himachal Pradesh. The town is an important religious site for people of both Hindu and Sikh religions. There are many temples and gurudwaras that are located in the place and one can see large crowds in the area at any time of the year. Besides being panoramically surrounded by the Harinder Mountains, the prime attraction of the town is its hot springs that are located in and around the place. These natural springs are a rare phenomenon and the region surrounding the town is also beautiful. It is possible to have a dip in these hot springs and many tourist and locals frequently cleanse themselves here.